Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Italian Easter Bread

Okay, the last post to catch up on my backlog. This is my friend Alicia's grandmother's Italian Easter Bread recipe. I had never had the original at the time, but Alicia assures me it turned out almost authentic. It resembles Challah, I thought, but is a bit sweeter. We took half of the dough and shaped it into little twisted Easter cookies. The main bread ring, also twisted, we covered with rainbow sprinkles, a substitute for the colored sugar crystals we couldn't find in time. I ate up my share of the cookies in about a day and a half. Thanks, Alicia's grandma!

easterbread_mis.jpg easter_bread_flour.jpg easter_bread.jpg easter_bread_dough.jpg easter_cookies_unbaked.jpg easter_cookies_baked.jpg easter_bread_unbaked.jpg easter_bread_baked.jpg