Monday, February 21, 2005

Meyer Lemon Semifreddo

Spent a good chunk of this weekend making the Meyer Lemon Semifreddo from Room for Dessert. No, I didn't know what a semifreddo was either until I found that link. The reason it took a while is that the dish is an assembly of several sub-recipes. Lemon curd, sponge cake, lemon syrup, and amaretti cookies. I finally had a chance to re-try the amaretti recipe from Room for Dessert. The first time, several months ago, I had the weird experience of only ending up with enough batter for about a dozen cookies, even though the recipe claimed to make 60. That's a big difference. I'm not sure what I did differently this time, other than being really paranoid about following the recipe exactly (and possibly having just read the egg chapter of the new On Food and Cooking), but I got 35 cookies this time, and I probably good have stretched that farther if I'd used a second cookie sheet. So the moral is that no, that recipe was not on crack after all. Cool. Of course, I only made the cookies so I could crush them on top of the cake. A brief, but tasty, lifespan. Pictures are ready to go and will be available as soon as Flickr resets my monthly upload quota next week. Did I really upload 10MB this month?