Thursday, November 04, 2004

So, the baking for the official, final wedding cake has begun. The second of tonight's two 10" chocolate cake layers just came out of the oven. I'm doing them one at a time this time around to avoid the uneven effect I got last time on cakes from the second oven rack. On Tuesday I did all the shopping for the cake part of the cake. Some numbers of what's going into this: 20 cups of flour, 8 cups of cocoa powder, 8 cups of butter, 17 cups of sugar, 32 eggs, and one gallon of milk. Yum! Valrhona cocoa this time, which I found at the local Whole Foods. Very classy. I plan on posting fewer pictures this time around since, if you've been reading, you've already seen how all of this works. If you haven't, get cracking!