Sunday, June 25, 2006

Black Pepper Ice Cream

I'd found a reference to this online and just had to see what it tasted like. After a little Googling, I discovered that I already owned a recipe for black pepper ice cream in a new book I'd been meaning to try out... Chef, Interrupted by Melissa Clark. This particular recipe was adapted from one by Karen Barker of Magnolia Grill.

Now, I know you're thinking "pepper... ice cream... what?" I didn't really know what to expect either, but it was good. Came out as basically a rich vanilla ice cream, nothing out of the ordinary, and then just as you're finishing a bite and the ice cream has melted in your mouth, it surprises you with this pepper kick. Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed it with even more of a pepper flavor, and I already increased the amount a bit. I brought this to a party, so a lot of people got to try the experiment.

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