Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lemon-Rosemary and Lime-Mint Sorbet & Martinis

At my sister's birthday dinner a couple weeks ago, one of her roommates made these awesome lemon-rosemary martinis. I asked for the how-to and was off to the market the next morning to buy lemons and fresh rosemary. The process is really interesting. You heat up sugar and water and then steep the herbs in the liquid, like making a tea. Then you strain it out, mix in the lemon juice, cool it, and finally freeze it in an ice cream maker to produce a sorbet. To serve, put a scoop of sorbet into a martini glass and pour vodka over it. After a couple minutes, the sorbet starts to dissolve and the rosemary scent starts to become more and more pronounced. Delicious. I did a lime/mint version as well, although the flavor of that came out more subdued.

Lemons and Limes Lemon/Rosemary and Lime/Mint Sorbet Ingredients Lemon/Rosemary and Lime/Mint Sorbet Steeping Lemon/Rosemary and Lime/Mint Sorbet Unfrozen Lemon/Rosemary and Lime/Mint Sorbet Martinis