Monday, December 11, 2006

Ginger-Lime and Chocolate-Peanut Butter cupcakes

Second backlog posting... my housewarming party, featuring ginger-lime cupcakes and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. The cupcake recipes are basic yellow cake and chocolate recipes from Cook's Illustrated magazine. They worked out really well, so I wrote them down and taped them to the inside of the baking cupboard in my new kitchen. I figure anytime I need cupcakes I'll have a basic recipe to consult and tweak. The yellow cupcakes were augmented with a Ginger Lime Cream Cheese frosting from the very fun Cupcake Bakeshop blog. Tons of great ideas and recipes there, if you're ever in the mood to make something unusual. The chocolate cupcakes got a dollop of peanut butter swirled into the batter of each one and were topped with a basic cream cheese frosting with just a bit of chocolate extract. In the pictures, you can see them go from ingredients, to freezer storage, to final serving in my new cupcake tower on my new dining room table in my new place. I made about 6 dozen cupackes for the party, which turned out to be way overkill. I still have a few left in my freezer, two months after the fact.

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