Sunday, October 07, 2007

Espresso Training

This week I attended a series of training sessions at Caffe Calabria, which is going to be the espresso supplier for Eclipse. Calabria is a local coffee bean roasting company with a great reputation and is apparently known all over the world. They're very insistent that anyone using their beans knows how to make the best espresso possible. We had to learn about all sorts of variables that can affect the quality of a shot. After a bit of book-learning, we got to practice pulling shots over and over again. Then we spent a day steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos. I've never been able to drink a latte or cappuccino straight, but these were so smooth... well, it was impressive. This should mean the coffee at Eclipse will be top notch. I'm looking forward to putting in a shift behind the counter now and then. I think I must be growing some serious tolerance for coffee, because the amount I put away that last day of class really should have had me bouncing of the walls. Instead, nothing. Go figure.