Sunday, March 11, 2007


Inspired by a gourmet marshmallow site, and having an overabundance of gelatin from our upcoming Jello-themed party, Will and I decided to try making marshmallows from scratch. Super yummy, and turned out to be super easy. Heat up some sugar and corn syrup (we used honey) to soft ball stage, mix in gelatin and whip till frothy. Whip some egg whites and mix them in. Add some vanilla. Pour out onto powdered-sugared pan. Chill. Slice. The end! The honey substitution imparted a slight extra flavor, but not too strong.

I need to stop eating this much sugar all the time. Seriously.

Marshmallow Ingredients Marshmallow - cooking honey and sugar Marshmallow - bringing sugar to temperature Marshmallow - whipping it all together Marshmallow - trying a few in silicone pans Marshmallows - the main brick, pre-setting Homemade Freakin' Marshmallows