Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Oh, crazy week. Let's see, what's happened cake-wise? Well, I've been buying crazy amounts of cake stuff. Large-size baking pans, cardboard rounds, icing spatula, magi-cake strips, masonite board, decorative foil, marble pastry/candy board. That sounds right. Big thank you to my folks for the stand mixer! That will be a big time-saver. Also thanks to my sisters for all the classy servingware.

Another thing I bought this weekend was Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Cake Bible. Not that I need another book on my to-read list, but this one is referenced all over the place as one of the authorities on cake baking and I just happened to spot a copy at a used book store near my apartment where I just happened to have almost exactly enough store credit to cover the cost of the book. I ended up having to cough up a penny. Not the worst penny I ever spent. I've only skimmed through the book and I've already picked up some good tips. Chocolate tempering, anyone?

Lastly, I set a date to show off the trial full-scale cake: Saturday, August 28.

Oh, and here is the previously promised picture of last week's apple pie: