Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cantaloupe Sorbet

This weekend my mom gave me a not-quite-ripe cantaloupe, and when I walked into my apartment after work today, I could smell that it was really really ready. Since I wasn't about to eat the whole thing myself, I started browsing around for something I could make with it. You don't really think of cantaloupe being made into things, other than maybe a fruit salad. Looking through Room for Dessert, it struck me that the texture of a cantaloupe was similar to that of a mango or a peach, for which several frozen sorbet recipes were available. I ended up using David Lebovitz's White Nectarine Sorbet recipe as a base. The process is basically to simmer the fruit for a bit to soften it, add water and sugar and a splash of kirsch (cherry liquor), puree it in a blender, chill, and freeze the liquid in an ice cream maker. Pretty straightforward, and at least the liquid version tastes pretty good. I haven't tried the final frosty product yet; it needs a bit more time in the freezer to finish up.

cantaloupe sliced open cut-up cantaloupe in pot cantaloupe simmering blending cantaloupe sorbet freezing cantaloupe sorbet cantaloupe sorbet