Friday, September 02, 2005

White Chocolate Lime Cake

Well, I finished the cake last night. I used the white chocolate cake recipe from The Wedding Cake Book. You actually pour melted white chocolate (the real kind, not the cheap vegetable oil kind) into the cake batter. Made two 8-inch cakes and cut them in half for a total of four layers. In-between the layers, I used the lime curd from a few days ago. For the outside, I blended together the plain buttercream and some lime curd. Even though I followed the directions in the book, the blending process was causing the buttercream to separate again. I wasn't sure if the torch trick I used making the plain buttercream would work again, but I tried it and it seemed to do the job. That was a relief. I'm not sure why the buttercream is so sensitive.

Anyway, I finished frosting the cake (two coats) and it looked really plain, so I piped a little spiraly trim pattern around the top edge, reminding me that my piping skills need some practice. I'll garnish it with a lime wedge or two before serving. I've got some pictures ready, but I want to take some more of the cake after it's sliced, so you can see the layers. I'm bringing the cake into work today, so I'll take some pictures at lunchtime and post them tonight or tomorrow. If you're someone who got to try it, write a comment and let me know what you think of the flavor combination. Personally, I love lime, but it's not something you see in a cake too often. Enjoy!