Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Molasses Cookies

I heard about this recipe in a story on NPR on my way into work one day. The author was talking about remembering her grandmother through her recipes. A great essay and a delicious recipe. I tried making these cookies in two slightly different ways. The first time, I followed the recipe very strictly. You can see in the pictures that the cookies really spread out a lot in the over, almost completely losing their shape. The second time, I replaced some of the all-purpose flour with high-gluten bread flour. This time, the cookies held their shape a lot better. Despite that, I think I actually preferred the original style. The flat cookies were so dense and chewy. Both tasted great; lots of cinnamon and cloves I brought them to two Thanksgiving parties and they went over well at both.

Molasses Cookies - ingredients Molasses Cookies - mixing liquids, mixing dry ingreds Molasses Cookies - batter Molasses Cookies - getting ready to bake Molasses Cookies - fresh from the oven Molasses Cookies - baking in star molds Molasses Cookies - second batch fresh from the oven Molasses Cookies - second batch Molasses Cookies - ready for thanksgiving