Monday, September 26, 2005

Honey-Walnut Tart

Got the latest Bon Appetit magazine last week and for some reason the Honey-Walnut Tart recipe by Susan Loomis looked really really good. I knew I had to make it pretty quickly or it would end up in that giant magazine backlog pile. Since I was driving up to The OC this weekend to see my parents and youngest sister, I brought the ingredients with me and made it up there. I even got to use the orange peel I'd candied a few months back. The filling for the tart is mostly walnuts and brown sugar, with some honey, orange and lemon zest, candied orange peel, and eggs to give it some substance, displayed all nice in my parents' wedding china.. One ingredient that I looked everywhere for but couldn't track down was orange-flower water. Hopefully, the three other citrus ingredients could handle that aspect of the flavor by themselves.

So, I made the tart Friday night with my sister. It smelled great. It looked totally cool and rustic with the folded over crust, which I am definitely using again. It could cool and make a great breakfast for the next morning. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that neither of my parents particularly likes walnuts. And my dad's folks are allergic. Well, I liked it. And my mom's mom apparently loves that sort of thing, so I took her about half of it. Thanks, Grandma! If you can get your hands on all the ingredients, this is a pretty easy one to make. Mix together flour, water, and butter and roll out the crust. Toss together the filling. Fold, bake, eat.

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